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Gray Matter Systems is a leading provider of solutions for process automation, data management, and operations supervision.

For 20 years, Gray Matter Systems has been delivering data management, operations supervision, and process solutions so companies and municipalities can discover problems, make informed decisions and predict outcomes.

Simply put, we help you answer these questions regarding your assets:

  • What happened?  Create a history of relevant data, alerts, alarms and events.
  • Why did it happen?  Provide the analysis to get to the root cause of your issues.
  • Can I visually monitor and react to problems?  Monitor and control all of your important equipment.
  • Can I make things better?  Predict, optimize and make things better.

Praise for Gray Matter Systems

"Truth be told, I routinely recommend Gray Matter Systems to many people in the industry that I come in contact with. The Customer Support and Quality of Work we have received is exceptional."

– Wayne Beede, Maintenance Supervisor, City of East Lansing WWTP

"At the Painesville Wastewater Plant, we have been using iFIX and Proficy for the past 10 plus years. We have been able to collect more accurate data, make comparisons, chart equipment and make changes based on this data to improve plant operation. Gray Matter Systems can provide a solution to any company wishing to automate, monitor, and optimize their plant process. I highly recommend Gray Matter Systems to be part of your next plant upgrade."

– Joe Jackson, Maintenance Supervisor / Technician, Painesville Water Pollution Control Plant

"JHP Pharmaceuticals is moving toward greater dependence on its GE suite of products for enabling electronic data collection, KPI monitoring and plant operations reporting. Gray Matter Systems has been instrumental in this effort by helping us extend our Proficy platform to support a Process Analytical Technology (PAT) initiative, which will allow us to implement data and process standardization and control in our FDA-regulated manufacturing operation."

– Mary Grow, VP, ET & Business Processes, JHP Pharmaceuticals

"I want to extend my thanks to Gray Matter Systems for the outstanding job their team did to bring our project to completion. The team's persistence to accomplish what needed to be done, 'can-do' attitude and follow-up service surpassed my expectations. I look forward to working with Gray Matter Systems again."

– Evenor Cervantes, Manager Technical Services, Instrument Transformers Inc.

"If you are looking to standardize work flow with real time data and mistake proof your manufacturing environment, I would recommend partnering up with Gray Matter Systems. It’s not just the software, but their team understands the process."

– John Angelilli, MBA, Chief Operating Officer, Zidian Food Group.

"We have relied on Gray Matter Systems superior expertise and service for over 15 years and look forward to another 15 years as we continue the evolution of our SCADA platform integration with additional third party applications to further leverage our investment."

– Bill Fritz, P.E., Director of Public Works, Waterford Township

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Professional Services

We have over two decades of experience understanding problems, architecting solutions within a budget, delivering benefit, and working with plant operators to adopt the solution. Click here to learn more.

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